Topping Azure Skies and Treading Lapping Waves

The spectacular Chanel fashion show create a worldwide sensation for its novel design of catwalk, which lifts spirits of tired editors after one month of shows. Karl Lagerfeld turned a dreamlike scene with azure skies and lapping waves to reality. The scene similar to that of fairy tales showed people from all over the world what a fantastic holiday may look like – sandy beach, cool seawater and flying birds.

Copying relaxing seaside views like wooden huts, lifeguards at the top of painted chairs and picturesque jetty, where Karl Lagerfeld watched the finale. Many super stars like Adwoa Aboah, Edie Campbell and Kaia Gerber walked the runway with barefoot, stepping forward on sand and seawater. Unlike previous headpiece – beret hat, the season’s look were matched with straw hats. In the finale, models smiles walked along the shoreline with arm wrapped round another one, hold their shoes in hands.

Inspiration of the spectacular catwalk set is from Lagerfeld’s experience in his childhood. In an anchor-shaped island of German, then young boy enjoyed his trip while natural environment has been inscribed in his heart. Similarly, the runway was also ornamented by reed thatched cottages. Almost all people of the front row worn smiling faces. Some spectators even dip toes into waters after taking off heels. Models or stars like Poppy Delevingne, Pharrell Williams and Vanessa Paradis posed in in front of water’s edge.

When it comes to latest clothes in the season, many unveiled products will be coveted by fashionistas, trendsetters, icons, super stars, etc. Some estimated the raffia baseball caps and little black dresses will be hits next season.



The refreshing looks come in bright hues in iced mint and pink, integrating tweeds into multicolored plumetis.

The look matching loose tweed coat and a clear and handsome plaid shirt with refreshing color scheme adds sweet glamor of young girls, keeping contradiction and the very exquisite grace at the same time. Taking tweed as a kind of symbolic cloth, Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel brought us surprises every season, but grace lasts forever.

The fashion show also brought us the new manner to carry bags. Two sling bags was carried in a cross way.

Pamela Anderson and Baywatch Showed Up at the Chanel Fashion Show

Famous stars such as Laura Smet, Poppy Delevigne, and the Baywatch queen herself, Pamela Anderson posed for photos and frolicked in the faux sun. Firstly, Anderson posed with fellow seat mates like Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen Lasichanh. Then kicked off hers keels and had some fun on the scene. For the purpose of showing Chanel’s shoes, all models carried shoes with them.

Chanel, as a brand dedicated to women’s haute couture and ready-to-wear clothes and other periphery products. Certainly, the House of Chanel is known for the “little black dress”, the perfume No. 5, Chanel suit and the like. There are several hits among numerous products, like the quilted-leather handbag, which is adjustable for double chains so that one can wear it on the arm of at the shoulder.

2018 & 2019 Hermes

For the purpose of understanding the Hermès collection, one can begins from shoes. The most of looks were matched with glossy leather flip-flops rather than plastic, but other aspects are exact same as the shoes you’d scuff around in at the beach. The designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski played a starring role in the example, in which casual made elegant. When she tailored a leathern Kelly bag in sunflower yellow cotton, it showed a strong, relaxed and confident attitude.

Vanhee-Cybulski tried to throw in a sense of surprise through special Hermès codes. As an essential heritage of the House of Hermès, leather was soft enough and sheathed into a pair of shirtdresses in green and pink with metallic hardware. And a pair of frocks were lighter than shirtdresses above. Frocks made of crepe were sewed with a graphic grid. Zip-front coats consisted of drawstring waists and a vest worn belt, following heritage of horse blanket.

She seldom used scarf prints, but this time the square carré shape’s recurring indicated some characters of best pieces in the collection. A series of midi dresses were full of fluidity. A square hem is to a circle what a cut-out at the midriff is to a cheery madras sundress.

Hermès minimalists would be attracted by the brown version. The previously referred surprises were laces stitched onto many-layered sleeveless dresses. The dresses’ bodies were spliced with some laser-cut square leathers.

Prior to arrive to Hermès, there is a historical lesson, themed “I Will Keep it Brief Don’t Worry”, regarding the inspiration of the Resort season. It indicated that one needed suitable clothes to a resort if he or she have intended to go someplace for vacation, carrying agreeable clothes and leading the life there. In the recent fast and such many seasons, it seemed a delighted old-fashioned and alluring philosophy, when the idea show more respects to simpler and less fanciful direction. The philosophy was better obedient to the near-insatiable multi-climate, multi-need demands of the world today.

On the other hand, Hermès kept some designs of oversized and non-ornamented cashmere coats, but optimized some details with a reductionist’s and a maximalist’s eyes, paying more attention to its quality. After all, all purpose of designers rested in total fit clothes, although thinking it in the most luxurious and artisan-respecting manner. What were highlights of some new products of the same season.

In general, what you got are identical to purposes of designers, who have intended to design something suitable to ideal getaways.

For the purposes of creating novel pieces, many attractive colors were integrated into new products, like coral red, earthly orange, electric blue and the like. These colors were used to masculine-inflected cotton shirts and pants, matching with sandals of the same colors. At the same time, those factors also married bands and stripes. Some sleeveless jacket in brown embodied the house’s heritage regarding horses.

Some other ideas were also included in then season’s pieces. We will analyze it next time. Welcome to subscribe our blogs, and we are very glad to bring more interesting news to you.

Chanel’s 2019 Cruise Collection Show

Margot Robbie showed up with the ultimate Parisian accessory at the 2019 Cruise Show. Though Cruise Collection were common sets from across the world, fashion show of this year carry the show back home when Chanel intended to stage the show in Paris. Besides, similar to other Fall and Spring spectaculars, Karl did reveal some information regarding an exceptional set. Surrounding the theme of Cruise Collection, the inspiration of the collection is from ocean, like striped pants of sailors, double-breast suits and berets. An actual cruise was installed on the scene.

The scene of Cruise Collection was a marvelous site to see, elegant presentation by super models like Gigi and Bella Hadid and Stella Maxwell. When all eyes focused on the giant cruise ship in the building, attentions of all people also grabbed by some celebrities at the Grand Palais in Paris. Robbie stunned in a colorful sequins and striped dress. She match the look with a Parisian Style – an all-black choker tied in a jaunty bow.

In order to keep the show aspirational, there are many shows with signatures of the fashion house and now sought-after printed silk midi dresses, completing with various ruffles, layering and the like. All signs like pedal pusher shorts made of denim, jacket belted at the waist, and oversized shoulders showed homage to the ‘80s.

Renowned for single shoe or two style, Mary Jane was the staple in the season. No matter in daywear, suits, out-of-work gowns, each model stepped down the runway in a pair of flats, either in white or metallic silver. On catwalk, some super models were invited to show new products in the season, like Gigi, Bella Hadid, Adut Akech Bior, also celebrities like Lily-Rose Depp and Kristen Stewart sitting on the front row. Keeping the conture of a cruise liner outside, the interior of the cruise was restructured and all models stepped on the runway from a side door.

Kristen Stewart showed up in a bling all-black jacket as a dress and and a pair of killer shoes.

Lily worn a metallic one-piece dress, matching a pair of silver high-heeled shoes.

Rocking a beret, Gigi Hardid walked the runway in a classic Chanel suit.

Adut Akech Bior walked the runway effortlessly in a t-shirt and nautical striped wide-leg pants, which will be in the waiting list of one’s wardrobes.

Bella Hadid took a more trendy look in a tweed suit, which consists of a cropped jacket and high-waist pants.

A weird handbag was designed in the shape of life rings.

Earlier in the month, Gigi respond to most controversial critics over her recent cover of Vogue, in which her skin seemed being darkened unnaturally. She explained the creative direction was beyond her scope of work. Besides, she also couldn’t control how to process those photos. Bronzing photos are just a style that S.Klein well grasped the style many years. She believed that there was no need to concern the unnatural skin in the cover. Vogue Italia’s intensions were to create unique styles in this manner.